Ideas Flow in Over in a River Flowing out to Sea

This week my wow! what a concept favorite picture book was Over in a River Flowing Out to Sea by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Jill Dubin (2013 Dawn Publications).

With delightful rhyme to the tune of “Over in the Meadow”, Berkes introduces children to numerous concepts: numbers from 1-10, animals that live on or near rivers and the names of their babies, information about habitat from the pictures, names of their homes, and action or sound words associated with each animal.  There are a plethora of ideas one could use this book for, and many I thought of while reading are indeed listed at the back of the book.  I thought of many other possible classroom uses that are applicable for second through third grade.  This book can really help students with fluency with repeated readings and Reader’s Theatre activities.  It could also be used for science lessons on habitat, niches and food chains, as well as social studies extension ideas incorporating rivers of the US.  For a lesson plan incorporating my ideas and a script for a Reader’s Theatre please see:

This book is perfect for the elementary classroom.   A whimsical text that is fun to read, it begs to be used over and over.

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