Little Red Writes a Fractured Tale

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub (Chronicle Books LLC, 2013) is perfect for the classroom.  Well, sort of.  It is actually a brilliant idea full of layers: the actual fractured fairy tale, the imbedded examples of writing problems both young and old writers can face, and the tongue-in-cheek teasers in both text and illustrations (think of a really sharp main character who happens to be a pencil for the kind of humor dotting the pages).  However, these very creative layers can pose a problem in the classroom.   The pages are very busy.  They need pouring over and rereading, something that does not always get to happen in a classroom setting.  The text and illustrations are fun.  They should be dissected and discussed, and used for example, all things that are supposed to happen in our classrooms.  So, I just had to write a lesson plan that can help teachers manage all these layers if they’d like to use this book.  In my experience, students love this kind of story.  I think it is well worth the time.



If you’d like to try this lesson in your classroom, please see:

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