Embracing RAIN!

It seems to many this year that winter will not let go its chilly grip and frequent blanketing of daffodils trying to open their buds.  Not at day goes by that someone does not comment with frustration at the weather.  So I was tickled to read RAIN! (2014 Houghton Mifflin Books for Children) by Linda Ashman recently.  With few, but carefully crafted words, she portrays an old man and a young boy’s feelings about a rainy day.  It is a great text for teaching point of view.  Christian Robinson’s illustrations augment the text with his use of color and expressions, providing an easy to understand tool for young readers to try themselves.

I think all the snow comments I hear could be used to write a similar book about snow.  Would you be the grumpy old man or the cheerful young boy?  Just remember, moods are contagious!


4 thoughts on “Embracing RAIN!

  1. Ahh Lisa, I thought of you when I looked out and saw the beautiful snow yesterday morning. I grinned and laughed! 😀 and suspected that you might be one of the few others that enjoyed it. Of course, it probably helps that my sense of time is now fairly “stream of consciousness.” ja

    • Yes, I usually enjoy the snow. And yesterday’s was especially beautiful. Of course, I am lucky in that I usually don’t have to travel in it; I can understand grumpiness about it from that perspective. Thanks for reading my post!

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