A Perfect Story for Valentine’s Day

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Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon is a delightful story of friendship.  It makes a perfect story to read for Valentine’s Day or any chilly, winter day.  Showing that true friendship means honoring the needs of another over one’s own needs (namely Penguin would have preferred to keep Pinecone close by), this story teaches us the true meaning of selfless caring and love.  Just as Penguin’s love spread in such a way as to grow a whole forest, so too could classroom projects aimed at helping children spread their love.  Letters to seniors at a nursing home could lead to a classroom visit.  Donations to the SPCA could lead to a child’s family adopting a pet.  Even if a project doesn’t materialize from reading this book, it’s message is timeless and valuable.  And it’s easy to grow love when sharing a story.

For a guided reading lesson plan using Penguins and Pinecones, please see:


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