A Treatise on Waiting

My title is arguably a stretch, but Kevin Henkes’ new book Waiting (Greenwillow Books, 2015) is simple and profound, sparse in text and rich in meaning.  It gives readers a deeper appreciation of the role of waiting in our lives.

We often relate waiting with frustration: waiting for a raise, waiting for better times, waiting in line or stuck in traffic.  These are just grown-up versions of things we waited for as children: a birthday, a special holiday, the first snow – ok, I am waiting for snow too – where the anticipation may be exciting, even welcomed, but rarely considered peaceful.  Henkes gives readers a peak into a sense of time where waiting can be peaceful or comforting, an expectant part of life.

Some would define waiting as “the act of remaining inactive or stationary”.  While the toys in Waiting are motionless in their waiting, their delight in life removes the negative stigma around the definition above.  In Waiting, just being in the moment is enough.

I for one am going to appreciate and enjoy looking out my window and waiting for snow.  Don’t wait for snow to snuggle up with a favorite little one and read Waiting together, but do linger in the moment.


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