A Brilliant Bear Report

The Bear Report by Thyra Heder (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2015) is brilliant!  Heder is able, in spare text and unforgettable illustrations, to convey a message of understanding toward another species with which we share earth.  This is often the goal of my writing – to have readers develop empathy toward all the life that makes up our complicated ecosystem.  The Bear Report is the story of a girl, Sophie, bored with her homework assignment on polar bears.  But when a polar bear visits her and whisks her off to the arctic, Sophie learns that the polar bear and his world are anything but boring.  Heder takes a little magic and some polar bear facts to transform Sophie from bored to engaged.  Fun to read and full of facts about polar bears, The Bear Report is sure to vanquish boredom in any reader.

If you’re interested in a reading and writing lesson plan to accompany this text, please see my lesson plan at Teachers Pay Teachers.



2 thoughts on “A Brilliant Bear Report

  1. What a wonderful heartfelt book – and using it as a way to help kids come to respect nature – even when nature may seem remote. So glad you have a lesson plan for this.

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