Time for Some Summer Fun

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It’s beach season and what better way to add to the fun than by reading some silly poems about the sea and its inhabitants. Washed Up in the Waves by Margo Solod and illustrated by Brue Macdonald (Mariner Publishing, 2015) brings the coastal community to you in the form of poems both engaging and informative.

Though I read these poems from my hometown of Lexington, the illustrations worked perfectly to conjure up memories of times I’ve spent on sandy shores or sea kayaking. The verse is delightful for reading aloud with others.

You don’t have to be at the ocean to enjoy these poems. I was land-locked and both smiled and chuckled while reading them. You don’t even have to be an ocean lover to enjoy these poems…but chances are once you read them, you might start planning a trip to the nearest sandy shore.

I recently met Margo, a local author at the home of some other local authors. I also highly recommend her book Coyote Summer (Brandy Lane Publishers, 2014). It has predators, which I love, and someone looking out for the predators, which I really love. It’s perfect for your preteen or young teen to read on your way to that beach!

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