Spooky Renovations

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie contest!  Here’s my teeny tiny story:


Spooky Renovations

Sally had to help! The boy was told to decorate for Halloween, but he’d fallen asleep. She busied herself weaving large spider webs. Hours later the moon rose, illustrating her work. “A ghost!” Sally shrieked. She ballooned back and forth across her web before she realized she’d been startled by her shadow. She felt silly. But…her web! Delighted, Sally quickly finished working.

The boy woke and gasped. Spooky, sparkly webs filled the room. Webs filled with words like HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The biggest one said: SOME GHOST HELPED ME. Sally smiled from her corner view. Her great-grandma (x62) would be proud.