Double Take Deserves a Double Look



At a recent trip to the library, I discovered a new book on opposites that is a visual delight as well as a fresh and more in-depth look at opposites than is typically presented for young children.

DOUBLE TAKE: A New Look at Opposites by Susan Hood and illustrated by Jay Fleck (Candlewick Studio, 2017) is a concept book in rhyme that teaches opposites. However, it further develops the concept of opposites by showing how some opposites, such as fast and slow or strong and weak, change depending on the point of view of the reader. Seventeen pairs of opposites are illustrated and explained, which is great start for your young reader just learning about them. Readers will want to reread DOUBLE TAKE for the crisp, fun and endearing illustrations that carry the same three characters throughout the book. Older readers will want to start making comparisons with all kinds of opposites.

Take a look at DOUBLE TAKE. Share it with your special young reader. I think you’ll both be delighted. And the blue elephant is so darn cute!

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