100 Bugs for Summer Fun!

100 Bugs

I know it’s only May, but if you’re thinking ahead to summer fun and adventure with your young reader, I’ve found a book for you. 100 Bugs! A Counting Book by Kate Narita and illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2018) is a perfect summer companion. There are bugs and flowers to learn and lots of ways to count the bugs. Each page is told in rhyme and includes an insect and a flower, but each combination is told in a different grouping of 10. After 10 pages of insects, they are all added up to 100! It’s a deliciously sneaky way to keep math fresh and fun.

100 Bugs has a More about the Bugs back matter page as well as a More about the Plants page for readers to learn more. I think 100 Bugs also works as a springboard to other insects to find, other plants to learn and other ways to group numbers. Why stop at 10? There’s quest potential in taking 100 Bugs past just an enjoyable read. You’ll be seeing your own backyard in a new light, or visiting parks and arboretums. Maybe you’ll even plant your own garden so you can invite 100 Bugs!

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