About Lisa

I grew up in a suburb south of Pittsburgh and have always loved the outdoors.   I spent many days in an undeveloped lot nearby climbing trees, discovering caterpillars and dreaming.  I have a fondness for the often maligned predator in food chains and wanted to be a wolf biologist when I was younger.  Instead I have experimented with being a medical technologist, a molecular biologist technician and a teacher.  Deep down inside there’s always been a desire to be a writer.

Now my backyard is part of a 14 acre property in rural Virginia, which I am thrilled includes coyotes and fox.   Equally thrilling is my new venture writing children’s books. I like writing fiction and narrative nonfiction, collecting words and ideas and seeing what comes out of the mix.

My debut picture book, Oliver’s Otter Phase will be published by Arbordale Publishing in February 2018.  I’m also learning about the e-publishing world, and released my first ebook, Milkweed Matters: A Close Look at the Life Cycles in a Food Chain, in October 2016.

This site has information about picture books I’ve encountered that really speak to me and links to lesson plans I’ve written that can be used with the books.


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